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​Protection Island Birding/Wildlife Tours
Dungeness Lighthouse

Where will we go?

Out on the water - there is a sense of freedom - to explore, to breathe - or just to be.

Protection Island Wildlife refuge is home to Tufted Puffins, seals and sea lions along with a multitude of other birds and sea going mammals. You never know when you might see an orca pod running through.

Introducing our NEW  Salty Girls Charter Tours

Dates for the upcoming season are still being determined.  If you would like to be on the information list - please call or email us and you will receive the updated newsletters regarding scheduled tours and events.  

For PRIVATE CHARTERS:   Call 360-300-7544  to schedule

or email:  getout@goxpeditions.com

How do you sign up?

In addition to private charters - we'll be planning some scheduled tours to the Dungeness Spit - to check out the Light House. For those who may struggle to make the 11.5 mile round trip hike out - this is a great alternative to experience the history and beauty of this Lighthouse.