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How do you sign up?

What do you learn in the Paddle Crew?

Instruction is presented through games and group activities, with opportunities for exploration and team building - all while having loads of FUN! Our goal is to make it EASY to go from base to ace, feeling successful and empowered from the beginning!

* Swimming skills are desired - but not required. Kids will have PFD's on at all times during water activities.

Dates for the upcoming season are still being determined.  If you would like to be on the information list - please call or email us and you will receive the updated newsletters regarding dates and registration. Or - check back on the website for changes and updates!

TO REGISTER:   Call 360-300-7544  

or email:  getout@goxpeditions.com

* Transport:                                        How to carry SUP / Kayak to launch and from landing

* Launch and dismount:                  How to get on and off an SUP without falling in

* Strokes:                                            How to stop, turn, spin 360 degrees and move sideways

* Re-entry and Rescue:                    How to get back on SUP/Kayak after falling in. helping others.

* Water Safety:                                  Respect for conditions and checking gear before launch

* Weather and Trip Planning:         Evaluating conditions, tides, area

* Stewardship and Appreciation:   Where to paddle, habitat, marine life

Get your kids moving and learning  in a fun and positive environment - right here in our own backyard!  Our summer Paddle sport Program offers the opportunity to develop self awareness, balance and confidence, while having loads of fun and building skills that will last a lifetime.  Our experienced instructors love what they do - and focus their instruction on kayak and SUP skills, in addition to water safety and stewardship of our beautiful waterways and habitats.  

​Summer Paddle Camps